"Saving The Reef One Tank At A Time"


Why artificial reef rocks instead of live rocks?

The general approach to a reef tank is to have a wet-dry filter, complete with bio-media, placed on the display tank and sump. Using live rock in the tank can in most cases, actually replace the need for bio-media in the filter. Live Rock comes from many places around the globe.

But aren't we ripping off our reefs by using Live rocks for our tanks?

using Artificial Rocks gives us an indirect responsibility and purpose in saving our degrading reefs.

Is it reef safe?

Yes! ICP test and the common available reef tanks test kits shows no sign of harm to the water column. We have served thousands of happy clients using ArtReef products and kept keeping in touch while their tanks progress and thrive (see our Facebook Group)

Are your rocks porous?

Definitely very porous. Porosity was first developed before all the aesthetics and design (see our porosity test)

Where can your product be bought?

We are having more and more distributors globally and they will be updating our dealer page and hope you have the nearest distributor to you.